How other businesses are doing it on Marketplace

Marketplace is all about local businesses, and how to help them connect with and reach more customers all over the country. We have developed a number of features and tools to help businesses showcase their products and services, sell them online, and cultivate meaningful relationships with customers.

Here are some of the businesses that are already using Marketplace successfully to get discovered, get more sales and grow their businesses.

Beauty Spree
Located in: Posta, Dar es Salaam
Their business: Selling high quality women's fashion accessories from China and Dubai.
Experience with Marketplace: "...It has not only been a fresh way of doing business, but a more productive and profitable one! We have sold products quickly by sharing our catalogs with our few followers on Marketplace and on other places like Facebook, and sales have been great so far..."
Fabian Shughuli, entrepreneur and founder of Beauty Spree.

Beauty Spree has been most effective at using their catalogs to showcase a wide range of the products they sell: everything from women's handbags to earrings to sun glasses and so much more. As a result, they have managed to reach more customers through the power of the internet.

Northern Breeze Hotel
Located in: Tabata, Dar es Salaam
Their business: Providing lodgings and hotel services to the local population of Tabata and surrounding areas.
Experience with Marketplace: "Before Marketplace we were not even online really, and quite frankly we didn't see the importance of it...we were still stuck in the old, traditional brick-and-mortal ways of running and promoting a hotel. With Marketplace, we are now being more proactive in sharing our services...I mean, who knew you could put an entire menu of favoured dishes online and have people order from there...!"
Mr. Mathias George Kitulla, owner of Northern Breeze Hotel.

Among other things, Northern Breeze is using Marketplace to display the rooms in the hotel and the different prices for each room. They have also managed to put up their restaurant menus, with beautiful photos of the dishes, the price of each dish, and a bit of description to help the customer get a taste of what they should order before they even order it.