Marketplace is where people come to search, explore and discover great local businesses and places all over Tanzania, and share their favourite ones with their friends and followers.

As its name suggests, people visiting Marketplace are already in a commercial mood, that is, they are actively looking for what the Tanzanian marketplace has to offer, be it products or services offered by different local businesses found on Marketplace.

By creating a Marketpage for absolutely free, any business can add and share catalogs of their products and services, respond to customer reviews and so much more.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that Marketplace is all about local businesses; that is, a small business or franchise or corporate branch operating within a specific local area, providing goods or services to a local population. This means that if your business has one branch in Arusha and two branches in Dar, for example, it's perfectly OK to create Marketpages for each one of them and simply assign a different location for each.

To get a better sense of how Marketplace can help grow your business, check out these example businesses that are already using Marketplace to display their products and services and connect with customers.

Create your Marketpage today and start connecting with customers and potential customers in ways that are meaningful for your business.